The difference between all-season tires and winter tires is mainly tread rubber consistency, tread patterns, depth, and biting edge layout. Learn more about winter tires and how they differ from all-season models below to gain some insight into the tire basics.

  • Tread Rubber: Winter tires are engineered with meticulous care for cold weather temperatures. While you're free to run all-season tires during the winter, you'll likely find that they don't provide ample grip during, especially heavy snowfalls. That's because all-seasons become stiffer in cold weather and aren't able to grip the road quite as well as their winter stablemates.
  • Tire Depth and Tread Patterns: Winter tires are manufactured with deeper tread depths and patterns specifically for promoting optimal grip over snow, ice, and slush. Since they boast deeper tread splits, there will naturally be less snow buildup as it's effectively channeled out.
  • Biting Edge Design: Lastly, winter tires sport more biting edges with increased sipe densities (small splits within the tread to better facilitate proper traction on ice).

While we don't face the same amount of snow as our friends further north, we still receive harsh temperatures with regular snowfall throughout the winter around the Richland and Walla Walla area. If you're considering roughing it this upcoming season solely with your all-season tires, take a moment to think about investing in a set of new winter tires. They won't only enhance your vehicle's driving dynamics and help ensure your safety; winter tires also will lead to savings in the long run. The snowy season takes its toll on tire health due to heavy amounts of road salt and rougher road conditions that will lead to greater all-season tire tread wear than normal. Having two sets of tires for separate seasonal conditions is a popular route that drivers throughout the Tri Cities area routinely take.

If you'd like to learn more about our available winter tire service solutions and general tire center operations, connect with a professional at our Pasco Subaru dealership over the phone or online.

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