Find Out What to Do When Your
Subaru Lease Ends in Pasco, WA

What made you decide to lease the new Subaru Outback? Was it because of the lower monthly payment or because you didn't want a long-term commitment? After spending a few years behind the wheel of your new Subaru, it's now time to figure out what to do when the lease ends. Here at McCurley Subaru, we're going to run through your end-of-lease options. There are four choices available to Subaru lessees in the Pasco community.

Get a New Subaru

Take a test drive, check out offers, and arrange turn-in of your current vehicle.

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Purchase Current Subaru

Purchase the Subaru you've grown to love by requesting a payoff quote.

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Extend Your Lease

If you need more time, request a one-time six-month extension.

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Lease Return

Use our checklist to get ready, and complete our turn-in form after return.

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Details Regarding Lease-End Options

We're here to help your lease-end be a smooth process, so you can focus on your next Subaru.

Start Leasing Another New Subaru Model

One advantage of leasing is that you're not tied to any one car or SUV. After your current lease ends, you can move into another new Subaru model. You can plan a visit at the McCurley Subaru showroom, take a few test drives, and explore lease offers for the Subaru Forester, Subaru Crosstrek, or any other vehicle.

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Become the Owner of Your Leased Subaru

If you've fallen in love with your Subaru Ascent while leasing it, you can purchase it from us. Let us know if you're interested in buying your leased SUV, and we'll provide you with a payoff quote. The leasing period can be your chance to see if the Subaru model is a good fit for your lifestyle. If it is, you can become the permanent owner.

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Extend Your Current Subaru Lease Term

Do you want more time behind the wheel of the Subaru Forester? If you're not ready to buy it, but you'd like to continue leasing this sporty SUV, let us know. We can discuss the option of a six-month lease extension. If leasing is the right fit for you, we want to accommodate that by extending your current lease agreement.

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Return It to McCurley Subaru Today

If you don't want to buy your Subaru Impreza, extend the lease, or shift to another model, you can return it. We have a lease-return checklist that will make everything easier. We suggest cleaning it and taking care of any damage before bringing it back to McCurley Subaru. We'll inspect it here in Pasco, WA.

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Choose Your End-of-Lease Option for Your Subaru Today

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