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When it comes to Window Tint quality really matters. We've all seen the bubbles and purple tint. Avoid the headache and choose value and quality when selecting your window tint. We only use 3M products so we guarantee quality for each window tint. With all that in mind, we think we offer the best window tint prices in town.

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Make McCurley Integrity Subaru Your First Stop for High Quality Window Tint

There's more reasons than one to make McCurley Integrity Subaru your first stop when it comes to high quality window tint services in Pasco. Our team utilizes only premium 3M quality window tint, with tint always being installed by a trained professional. That means, when you visit our dealership for window tint services, you can count on our team to provide you with only the best services possible. Interested in learning more about the benefits of window tint? Then we invite you to read on below...

Increased Visibility

If you've ever driven with the sun in your eyes, then you know that doing so can be dangerous. Fortunately, with the proper window tint, you won't have to fret over driving on a supremely sunny day.

Enjoy Your Privacy

Let's face it. Some days? You want to go out without being seen. Not only that, but you more than likely have no interest in showing off your vehicle's interior to whomever may walk past your Subaru. Opt for window tint, and you'll be sure to enjoy your privacy.

Keep Cool During the Summer

With the right window tint, you can significantly reduce the heat inside your vehicle during those scorching summer months. Keep the heat out and never worry about being overheated behind the wheel.

Pricing and Installation

 Tint Front Sunshade $119
 Tint 2 Front Windows Only $149
 Tint All Windows 2-Door $249
 Tint All Windows 4-Door $349

Interested in learning more? Ready to start talking pricing? Then we invite you to stop by our service department to speak with a member of our team or just give us a call and ask about our window tint services.


Window Tinting Service Specials

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