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Shield Your Subaru with McCurley Subaru's Paint Protection Services

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the more substantial investments you'll make in your lifetime. In that respect, wouldn't it make sense that you'd want to protect your investment with an additional protective buffer and shield? McCurley Subaru proudly offers XPEL Paint Protection Packages to drivers near Pasco and Kennewick.


Protect Your Subaru

Interested in showcasing your vehicle's distinct style? Our models take a heavy beating when out on the roads of Richland. Rocks, dirt, and salt often get kicked up by vehicles and can damage your vehicle's exterior aesthetic. Avoid ugly blemishes, chips, scratches, and small dents with a quick and convenient paint protection service. You're proud of your Subaru model, so why not protect it to the best of your ability?

XPEL Paint Protection

Our XPEL Protection Package coast high-impact areas of your choosing to ensure long-lasting durability through rough weather and frequent heavy use. Our base package includes covering the hood, fenders, bumper, and mirrors, while our premium package includes the front bumper and headlights for optimal long-term durability. We also offer optional full hood protection, as well as other high-contact areas like door edges, door cups, rear trunk ledges, as well as cab tops and A pillars.

Paint protection can be enjoyed in both the short- and long-term. Testing has shown that XPEL Paint Protection film provides a more rigid shield from exterior damage than traditional ceramic coating. What's more, is whenever you're ready, you can simply peel the product off leaving you with the original unharmed and blemish-free factory paint underneath.

Have you considered protecting your paint?

  • Protect against rock ships, scratched, and small dings
  • Custom cut for your vehicle
  • Virtually invisible film
  • Reduce wear and tear on high touch areas
  • XPEL is a industry leader

Premium Package (Partial Hood, Partial Fender, Mirrors, Front Bumper, Headlights, Door Cups, Edge Guard) $1,499
Standard Package (Front Bumper, Partial Hood, Partial Fender, Mirrors) $1,299
Full Hood & Fender (Additional To PPF Package) $599
Rear Bumper Protector (By Trunk) $139
Cab Top & "A" Pillars $199
Both Headlights $199
Door Edges & Door Cups $199

Protect your investment with XPEL Paint Protection Packages. We only use the highest quality materials so that we can grantee our work. XPEL protects your vehicles high-impact areas from paint damage. Avoid those ugly rock chips and scratches. The best part is that whenever you are ready, the product peals off leaving you with like new paint.

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