Yes, it's a fact that drivers with All-Wheel-Drive and winter tires are ensured a safer and more secure experience behind the wheel. While you're free to drive around with your vehicle equipped with All-Wheel-Drive in light snow conditions, it's a sensible decision to pair the two systems for maximum traction during inclement weather.

All-Wheel-Drive Delivers Proper Traction Across All Road Conditions

Having a vehicle that's armed with an All-Wheel-Drive system is a great first step toward ensuring your safety on the roadways as this drivetrain sends power to those wheels which are getting the most amount of traction and less to those wheels which aren't receiving grip. With that being said, if there isn't a proper amount of traction, to begin with, your All-Wheel-Drive system can't make up for the lack of present grip. It's for this reason that many drivers throughout the Pasco and Tri Cities area opt for winter tires as opposed to all-season tires.

How Can Winter Tires Enhance Traction?

Winter tires are manufactured and engineered specifically for cold weather environments. From snow and ice to spring rain and slush; winter tires are made with a special rubber that maintains its soft and flexible consistency as opposed to all-seasons that can harden through cold climates. Winter tire tread also differs greatly from all-season tires as deeper grooves help drive and drain snow build. Additionally, small sipes and irregular biting edges help provide grip on slick conditions through subzero temperatures.

Take the new Subaru Outback for example. It rides with a rugged Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system, however for maximum grip it's recommended that drivers arm the Subaru SUV with winter tires. With 8.7 inches of ground clearance, its all-terrain grip through the automaker's lauded standard drivetrain, and fine-tuned winter tires, the Outback can handle trips to the ski slopes and around town alike without issue.

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