Used Cars vs. Certified Pre-Owned

Is a Used Car or Certified Pre-Owned Right for You?

When embarking on your quest for a used vehicle, there are various components to consider. For instance, are you going to go with a used car or a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle? What is the difference between the two, and which one offers more value? Is there one that offers a better deal than the other? While both options have numerous benefits, there may be one that suits you more. Let's look at some details concerning used and Certified Pre-Owned cars.

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Cars

If you are looking for a specific model, but at a generally lower price than if you were to buy it new, than going with a Certified Pre-Owned is an ideal choice. These vehicles often go through manufacturer testing to ensure that they are of top-notch quality. You may be able to get a vehicle that is in like-new condition at an affordable price point. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles often come with warranties as well. For instance, our Certified Pre-Owned inventory at McCurley Integrity Subaru offers perks like coverage and reimbursement packages. However, something to consider is the price of these vehicles. Although they may be lower than a new vehicle, they may be higher than a vehicle that is used and not certified.

A reason why many may choose to go with a used car is its affordability. There is the potential to save quite a lot with a non-certified used car. Although many may be worried about purchasing a used vehicle, if you take the appropriate steps (like getting the vehicle history, and ensuring that it gets thoroughly inspected) then you can get assurance when buying a used car. You may be able to negotiate more with a used vehicle that isn't certified as well.

Discover Our Used and Certified Pre-Owned Inventory

All in all, although a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle may have more value because of its certification and like-new status, you may be able to get an extraordinary deal on a quality car that isn't certified. Both offer many benefits to consider. Explore our selection of used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles here at McCurley Integrity Subaru today!

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