McCurley Integrity Subaru and Our Dedication to Support Subaru Loves Learning

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At McCurley Integrity Subaru, we believe it’s important to support the local community, and we are truly thankful for everyone who supports the schools and students in the Pasco area with us. We proudly support the Subaru Loves Learning initiative to help give to students and schools.

What is Subaru Loves Learning?: Subaru Loves Learning is part of the Subaru Love Promise. By donating books through Subaru Loves Learning, it can help make learning accessible to communities. For instance, Subaru has partnered up with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, who is a source for information on developments in science, and since 2015, there have been over 277,600 science books that have gotten donated to schools all throughout the country through Subaru Loves Learning.

How Can the Donations Through Subaru Loves Learning Help?

Through the Subaru Loves Learning initiative, the availability of educational books to students in schools can have a long-term impact. How? Many jobs are out there in science fields, and getting K-12 science books into the classrooms can help with the accessibility of finding science books throughout K-12, and assist in getting students ready for the future by making learning easily accessible.

Subaru Loves Learning – McCurley Integrity Subaru and the Pasco School District

In August, McCurley Integrity Subaru had gotten a great collection of messages from many, ranging from community members to customers and employees. The messages that got received have gotten written on bookmarks, as well as tailored book labels, and then put into books to get donated to the Pasco School District!

2019 has truly been great with donating books through Subaru Loves Learning, and we look forward to supporting the local community more in the future. The generosity and love from the community is astounding, and being able to partake in Subaru Loves Learning here at McCurley Integrity Subaru truly inspires us.

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