McCurley Integrity Subaru Sponsoring Southeast Washington's 2017 Badger Mountain Challenge

The Subaru brand ethos is also about exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. At McCurley Integrity Subaru, in Pasco, WA, we do our best to make that come alive locally, by supporting outdoor events and nature-related causes that speak to the lifestyle interests of Subaru owners. That's why we're proud to be the lead sponsor of the 2017 Badger Mountain Challenge, the top ultra-sport event in southeast Washington.

The Badge Mountain Challenge was founded in 2005 and has grown exponentially in the years since. Today the competition includes a 100-mile endurance run, a 50-mile/50-kilometer ultramarathon and a 15-kilometer trail run. The location of Badger Mountain was selection because of its popularity with local climbers, hikers, and runners, and its innate beauty that offers expansive vistas of the gorgeous Columbia Basin. The BMC is once again hosted by the Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington.

When you arrive for this year's Challenge, you may think you accidentally stumbled upon a Subaru rally. With all-wheel drive vehicles like the midsize Outback wagon, the compact Forester and the subcompact Crosstrek, as well as the compact Impreza hatchback, midsize Legacy and the rugged WRX rally sports sedan, the Subaru brand tends to dominate the parking lot areas of most major hiking and trail-running destinations. The McCurley Integrity Subaru nameplate can be found on Subarus throughout the area, from the Columbia River and Snake River up to Hanford Reach and even all the way out to Mt. Ranier National Park.

One of the reasons for the proliferation of Subaru models in our region has to be rugged build and durable nature of our vehicles - 96 percent of Subarus sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today - and the fact that we include our symmetrical all-wheel drive system as a standard feature on all but one of more models (the rear-wheel drive BRZ sports coupe). Subaru's all-wheel drive system is built directly into each vehicle's drivetrain, to ensure smooth and reliable power delivery to all four wheels all the time. This means that regardless of the road surface - from snow and ice at higher evaluations to rain-slicked highways and muddy backroads down about the banks of our local rivers.

Our whole team at McCurley Integrity Subaru is excited about helping support all the outstanding local athletes competing at the 2017 Badger Mountain Challenge, and we'll be there with water and other supplies to help everyone enjoy the day. McCurley's dealership is located nearby in Pasco, right the head of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, and we're an easy drive from Kennewick, Pendleton and Walla Walla. Stop by after the event to let us know how you fared, and take advantage of our drop-in Express Service to get your Subaru's oil changed or tires rotated while you enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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